Prairie Dragons Paddling Club Inc. (Prairie Dragons) is a non-profit members organization that brings together dragon boat paddlers for sport, recreation, fun, fitness, competition, travel, training, and socializing. 

The club is open to anyone of any age and any skill level - whether you have never tried dragon boating before or are a seasoned paddler; whether you are interested in participating in local or regional festivals or in competing in national and world events; or whether you are interested in simply keeping fit, having fun, and meeting new people ... we have a place for you!

We are always looking to introduce others to the great sport of dragon boating!

Name: Lana Larson
Position: President
Name: Maria Wright
Position: Past President
Name: Amber-Joy Boyd
Position: Vice President
Name: Linda Kloschinsky
Position: Treasurer
Name: Jarret Wright
Position: Director
Name: Rodney Francis
Position: Director
Name: Anni Vasudeva
Position: Director